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Vectoid Wars Beta 0.4

This early version contains the first level of the game, two usable guns, three unique enemies and a final round boss.

Currently has five 60 second rounds, with each one spawning a specific enemy type. Timer stops ticking after round five, and nothing happens after killing the boss (Also you can't die).


Replaced Laser Gun with Shotgun.

Machine gun range buffed.

Enemies flash white when hit.

Grunts now have voice acting.

Uber Grunt added for 5th wave.

Added convenient beep noise when nearing end of round.

Changes made to player health/shield.

Fixed sound for almost all currently implemented enemies/events.

Fixed issue with swapping weapons during swapping/reloading.

Graphical fixes for weapons/shooting effects.


WASD- Movement

QE- Switch Left/Right Weapons

LEFT MOUSE- Fire Left Weapon

RIGHT MOUSE- Fire Right Weapon

SHIFT- Sprint

ESC- Quit App

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Published66 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorJames Drazic
Tags80s, First-Person, Mechs, Retro


VectoidWars(BETA_4.0).7z (8 MB)